Monday, January 4, 2010

white rabbit weekly Jan 5th---Jan 9th

Jan 5th(Tuesday) 9pm - 3 30am
free entry

Jan 6th Wednesday yellow 黄 9pm- 3 30am
Imagine a weekly night painted YELLOW by ben huang and a selection of guest DJs,
Offering solace in a set of electro-downbeat grooves,with a lil funk and minimal splashed in for good measure.
Friends and good drinks make the experience just that much more enjoyable.
Every Wednesday,come join the YELLOW fun at white rabbit!

free entry
DJ Ben Huang

Jan 7th thursday "Make up"ladies night 9pm-4am
white rabbit" Make Up"night for the ladies!!(every thursday)
all night for you "ladies" buy one get one free!
get your fancy dress out,get drunk and do the sexy disco dance! and cute boys too!
Music: Disco, House, Tech-House
Djs: Merci + Maxime
free entry!

Jan 8th Friday Acid Pony 9pm-5am
Come ride the bass in white rabbit with acid pony aka laura ingalls (france/shanghai) (electro/breakbeat/techno)
we bring you the biggest hot disco night in this winter! Get your dancing shoes! Be ready!
Acid pony club music link
Support djs: Donald Summer
Jiong Jiong
free entry

Jan 9th white rabbit sat nite! 9pm-5am
feel the beats with 3 of your fav djs in china
DJ yang bing
Ben huang
Eddie Lv
free entry


Sami Seppänen said...
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Jiin Yee said...

Hi. Been interested to know something about the club logo. Is it a rabbit face or back side. Thanks.

White Rabbit Club said...

Hi,the logo is the rabbit backside! :)

Jiin Yee said...
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Jiin Yee said...

Huh.. really??? So my friends are indeed correct. In fact only me thinking that it is a face. Well.. thanks very much for the reply, was unsure that I would get one. ;-)