Monday, December 14, 2009

white rabbit weekdays

Hello all you bunny lovers!
Thanks to everyone who came out for the white rabbit grand opening weekend parties, 2days in a row filled with unbelievable crazy fun times!

From this weekly whiterabbit 16th 18th 19th






check out the pics from opening weekend

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


NEW Location, NEW Concept, SAME VIBE!

Music / Cocktails / Food



Date:December 11, December 12,2009
Time: 9pm -- 6am
Location: 2nd Floor, Tongli Studio, No.43 Sanlitun North Street

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


White Rabbit 白兔俱乐部
地址: 北京市朝阳区朝阳公园西路好运街 29号 Lucky Street NO.29 Chaoyang PARK West
Tel: 133 2112 3678

Thursday, June 4th
Kode 9 (Hyperdub, UK)
The Syndicate brings another treasure to China from the homeland of dubstep. It’s gonna be a heavy heavy night worth more than its weight in gold! Come and share the riches. 60 RMB ENTRY (check for promo offers) , doors open @ 10 pm

Friday, June 5th
Metope (Areal Records,Sender Records/Berlin) *SPECIAL GUEST*
A premier live set with Ms. Kitten’s mastermind remixer. DJ YangBing opens the show. An insanely good time. 70 RMB ENTRY, doors open @ 10 pm

Saturday, June 6th
Beijing’s 3 most wanted DJ’s - Dio (techno), OuYang (techno), and Eddie Lv (tech-house) storm the decks. Free before 1am/50 RMB after 1am, doors open @ 11pm

Thursday, June 11th
French Electro Night
Mechanic Motion (Walter Kane, Robert Paulson and Dr Geo) present a DJ/live double set featuring original dance music rooted in Minimal House with a French electro touch. 30 RMB ARTIST SUPPORT, doors open @ 10 pm

Friday, June 12th
White Rabbit Club Night
High energy house with local hero DJ’s Yang Bing and Eddie Lv. Coming to rescue you from derivative dance music. Free before 1am/50 RMB after 1am, doors open @ 11 PM

Saturday, June 13th
A colossal electronic music gala with 8 of Beijing's best DJ’s all together under one roof in one night! Appearances by Huang Wei Wei (tech-house/Colour), Elmar & Suki (progressive house), Ludo V (funky house/Blink Events), Terry Tu & Elvis T (minimal tech-house/Acupuncture Records), Blackie (dnb/The Syndicate), and Mickey Zhang (Beijing techno/YEN/o2culture). Early bird entry: 40 rmb before 1am/Night cat entry: 60 rmb after 1am, doors open from 10 pm til late

Friday, June 19th
Yen After
Happy Birthday to YEN! Keep celebrating the half-decade mark of renegade partying in Beijing at the official afterparty with guest DJ Baru (Shanghai) & Mr. Soon (Beijing). 50 RMB (free before with Yen Anniversary ticket), doors open 11 PM til late

Saturday, June 20th
The Underground Disco Project
21st century disco in progress with DJ Yang Bing & Mr. Soon + special guest VJ.
Free entry before 1am/50 rmb after 1am. Doors open from 11 PM til late

Friday, June 26th
Dance code required for this high endurance techno gathering featuring Mickey Zhang & Dio (o2culture). 50 RMB ENTRY, doors open @ 11PM

Saturday, June 27th
The Syndicate
An epic night of UK drum and bass from the crew’s all-star players.
50 rmb entry, doors open @ 11 pm

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Friday, May 1st
DJ’s Don’t Dance: Part I
Celebrate the May holiday weekend with Weng Weng (Acupuncture Records), Big Max (BaiCai), Ben Huang (Yellow), and Ouyang. These DJ’s Don’t Dance so that you can.
60 RMB
Doors open @ 11pm

Saturday, May 2nd
DJ’s Don’t Dance: Part II
Calling all 48 hour party people! The May Day mayhem continues with Huang Weiwei. Jonas, Eddie Lv, Shen Yue.
60 RMB
Doors open @ 11 PM

Thursday, May 7th
French Electro Night
Mechanic Motion (Walter Kane, Robert Paulson and Dr Geo) premiers their first DJ/live double set at White Rabbit featuring original dance music rooted in Minimal House with a French electro touch.
30 rmb
10 pm til late

Friday, May 8th
Special Guest: Carlos Gibbs (Redbox Project, Tokyo)
White Rabbit welcomes Carlos Gibbs, originator of the Deep House Project in San Francisco that spawned Redbox, a global event design platform that merges art and music.
60 rmb
11 pm til late

Saturday, May 9th
Once upon a time there were 3 little DJs: Donald Summer, Jonas, and Patrick Yu that could build a brick house of beats that would last all night long…
50 RMB (free before 1AM)
11 PM til late

Thursday, May 14th
A Family Affair (Queeressence)
Deep house DJ siblings Dirty Harry & Mr. Soon haven’t played together since their early days. Join them for a special reunion when Dirty Harry returns from Rome and get ready to gush at how much they’ve grown.
Free Entry, 10 PM til late (2-for-1 mixed drinks til 12AM)

Friday, May 15th
Special Guest: Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong, Session Deluxe)
Evolutionary electro-tech sensation, DJ, producer, and label owner – Martin Eyerer -- returns to the little Beijing club he blew up last year.
70 RMB
Doors open @ 10PM

Saturday, May 16th
Techno telegraphists, Mickey Zhang & Dio (O2culture), break it down for you beat by beat in Beijing’s longest running underground party series.
50 rmb
Doors open @ 10 pm

Thursday,May 21st
French Electro Night
Mechanic Motion returns with an originally flavored DJ/live double set threaded with jazz rock samples and 70’s psychedelic rock.
30 rmb
10 PM til late

Friday, May 22nd
The Syndicate
WARNING: Beijing’s drum ‘n’ bass initiators will be dropping seismic bombs at this gig.
50 RMB
10 PM til late

Saturday, May 23rd
Partners in crime of a 3rd kind present extraterrestrial elements of electronica with top secret special guests.
50 RMB
Doors open @ 11 PM

Thursday, May 28th
Love Session
A back to back session with Donald Summer & Jonas, 2 DJ’s madly in love with Minimal House, Deep House, Tech-House, and Techno.
Free Entry
10 pm til late (2-for-1 mixed drinks til 12AM)

Friday, May 29th
Underground Disco Project
DJs YangBing & ZhiQi launch Phase 3 of this audio/visual experimental event series with a special guest VJ. Come and be a part of Beijing’s developing dance music culture.
50 RMB (free before 1AM)
Doors open @ 10 pm

Saturday, May 30th
Intro 2009- Beijing Electronic Music Festival Appreciation Party
Bask in the techno afterglow with WengWeng, X.L.F., Elvis.T, Pancake Lee, and Terry Tu. 50 RMB (30RMB w/festival ticket), doors open @ 10 pm

Sunday, March 22, 2009

April Event Calendar

EVERY WEDNESDAY (starting April 1st) *CANCELLED*
Beginning every Wednesday night in April, get down with DJ D (Rockabilly), CEDRIC (New Wave), STANLEY (Rock), and DEMONE (Funk). Dress-up and party like it’s 1955-1995! Free Entry, 10 PM til late

Thursday, April 2nd
Jell-O, Ladies & Gentlemen!
Thome T (SOS) and distinguished DJ associates present a proper night of “Woohoos” and “Oh Yeahs” on the dance floor ala breakbeats and such. Custom designed for the no-frills gal and easily pleased guy with subversive high class streaks. Free Jell-O cocktails for the ladies and 2-for-1 Qingdaos for gentlemen til midnight. Free Entry,10 PM til late

Friday, April 3rd
The Underground Disco Project
DJs Yang Bing and Zhiqi + VJ Matt Boug unfold the future of disco in this developmental dance music series. A heightened audio/visual experience that will make the grass grow from down below. Free Entry before 1AM/50RMB after 1 AM, Doors open @ 11pm

Saturday, April 4th
Nick Höppner (My My, Ostgut Tonträger, Playhouse, Circus Company)
White Rabbit Club warmly welcomes and proudly presents one of the main forces behind the MyMy project in Berlin, Nick Höppner. Former editor of Groove Magazine, current Ostgut Tontrager label manager, DJ, producer -- this man knows every angle of what he’s doing. Entry 80 RMB, Doors open @ 11 PM

Thursday, April 9th
Hard to find DIY rock becomes even harder to find as the all-time favorite Tagteam Records DJ gig winds down to just one night in April. Don’t miss DJs Assasin Eyes, Stinkeye, and Empty Floor or you’ll have to wait for an unbearable amount of time til the next. Serving up original bootlegs you can’t find pirated anywhere. 2 for 1 mixed drinks til midnight. Free Entry, 10 pm – 3 am

Friday, April 10th
Presenting a gift straight from the heart of Beijing’s nightlife scene – White Rabbit invites you to combine, cohere, conjoin, consociate, couple, and connect with an over-stimulating number of locally based DJs + VJs featuring the finest house, techno, breaks, dnb to be had! Acupuncture Records, DeepSpaceMafia, Musiclogy are all on the roster, plus more BJ artists we love to love…. Entry 40 RMB before 12 AM, 70 RMB after, Doors open @ 10 pm til late

Saturday, April 11th
Beijing’s longest running underground party - and for good reason. As always, it's a night of hot, dirty, and delicious techno, made fresh and delivered by Mickey Zhang & Dio (O2 Culture, Yen). Entry 50 RMB, Doors open @ 11 PM til late

Thursday, April 16th
White Rabbit Club Night
Beijing’s finest techno revolutionaries Yang Bing & Mickey Zhang (O2 Culture, Yen) hit the decks. One of the rare occasions you can see these Djs play for purely the love of it. FREE ENTRY, doors open @ 10 PM til late

Friday, April 17th
Acupuncture Records
The masters in the art of cultivating dance floor qi return to present "Freak DJs" Weng Weng, X.L.F., ELVIS.T, Pancake Lee, Terry Tu. All Beijing clubbers looking for some non-stop sweaty hopping till dawn are invited down the Rabbit hole for some out of the ordinary Beijing homespun techno. Entry 50 RMB, doors open @ 10PM

Saturday,April 18th
SPINETTE feat. The Sisters Who Know How To
A once in a rare moon occasion, this event is coming from four different directions of expertise. White Rabbit presents a special night showcasing locally based female electronic music artists including beatbreaker Ekki (HK), the electrofying QQ (BJ), Nico’s (SH) heavy d’n’b, along with the visual aids of Dr. Marula ( Entry 40 RMB before 1AM, 60 RMB after 1AM, doors open @ 11 PM

Thursday, April 23rd
Jell-O Again, Ladies & Gentlemen! *CANCELLED*
With 2 decades of record collecting and DJing, ultra pureschool Thome T (SOS) returns this Thursday for a night of equal opportunity on the dance floor w/a special guest. Free Jell-O cocktails for the ladies and 2-for-1 Qingdaos for gentlemen til midnight. Free Entry, 10 PM til late

Friday, April 24th
Partners in crime of a 3rd kind: Zhiqi, Big Max, and Donald Summer. Blast off space cadets! Free entry before 1AM, 50 RMB after 1AM, doors open @ 11 PM

Saturday, April 25th
“Sounds of the future under roots and culture”
Prepare for a night of Reggae, Dub, Drum & Bass and Dubstep. After 3 years of contribution to Beijing’s music scene, the Syndicate’s dj Mael throws down his final dance, inviting France’s acclaimed Dub live act Liquid Wicked, alongside all his Beijing musical companions, for an explosive cocktail of all the music genres he’s been pushing in China.Very special guests: Liquid Wicked (live)/Paris, France. Upstepper soundsystem and Meiwenti selectors for a reggae and dub explosion. Syndicate djs back to back for a drum&bass apocalypse. And Mael for a goodbye set full of surprises !
Entry 60 RMB, doors open @ 10 pm

Tuesday, April 28th
Audiotrix China Tour 2009
-Trip Underground-
IXINDAMIX (live set, breaks, London)
Meltdown Mickey (DJ set, tribal house, London) / ph: 136 6824 0963
Doors open @ 11pm
Entry 60 rmb

Thursday, April 30th
Happy Ending
Once upon a time there were 2 DJs, Patrick Yu & Donald Summer, that could make the sun sink deep below into the Rabbit hole. Come celebrate the beginning of the May holiday and dance April away happily ever after. Entry 50 RMB (free entry + 2for 1 Patrick Yu Slammers before MIDNIGHT, 10 pm til late

Sunday, February 22, 2009


EVERY WEDNESDAY (Starting March 4th)

White Rabbit re-opens and welcomes you back on Wednesday nights now, with Science of Sounds’ DJ Thome Tomato + weekly special guests. Laying down beats sweet enough to cause a toothache plus liplicking JELLO shots *free* for the ladies, this mid-week treat will get you to Friday in no time. 2 for 1 drinks for all til midnight. Free Entry, 10 pm – 3 am

Thursday, March 5th
3rd Annual NBIMW Film Festival

The 3rd New Beijing International Movie Week is Beijing's most diverse, ambitious, and inclusive independent movie screening event. The sole m of NBIMW is to bring a smartly curated selection of the coolest international independent films to regular Chinese audiences in Beijing and to open people's minds to the sheer number and variety of independent films produced around the world every year! 第三届中外青年电影交流周(北京)是本年度最丰富多元、最精彩纷呈的独立电影放映盛事。我们为北京的观众精挑细选了一系列来自世界各地的优秀独立电影,这些为数众多、风格各异的电影必定能让你眼前一亮。

Featured short films: "Yo Soy Otro (I am Others)", "Ses (See You)", "Staubkaskade", "Awkward Silence", "The Cave", "Arithmetic Lesson". Check for more info.

White Rabbit resident DJ set & dancing to follow after film screenings.
Free Entry, 7 PM til late

Friday, March 6th
The Underground Disco Project

Radical times call for radical dancing. Conspire with Yang Bing and Mr. Soon for an alternative audio and visual experience. 50RMB after 1 AM, doors open @ 11pm

Saturday, March 7th
Happy Ending!

Full release pleasure with house music maestro Patrick Yu (BLINK Events),reknown all over Beijing for putting a smile on your booty while it shakes. Guest happy ending-giver: Donald Summer. 50 RMB, 11 pm til late.

Thursday, March 12th

Home-made future rock that your mother warned you about: DJs Assasin Eyes, Stinkeye, and the Other One. 2 for 1 mixed drinks til midnight. Free Entry, 9:30 pm – 3 am

Friday, March 13th
White Rabbit Resident Night: Yang Bing & Donald Summer

Go for a spin with the DJs that created Beijing’s premier underground techno club for DJs. Elitist electronica for your pleasure.
50 RMB after 1 AM
Doors open @ 11 pm

Saturday, March 14th
Berghain/Panoramabar in Beijing:
Special Guest Zander VT

Hailing from the illustrious Berlin club/electronic music label, White Rabbit proudly welcomes the highly reputed DJ team Zander VT (Memo, Bptch Control, Entry 80 RMB, 11 PM til late

Thursday, March 19th
The Out Games DANCE-athon

Aizhixing and supporters for the World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen come together to raise funds for 2 Chinese athletes to compete in this summer’s events ( . Meet the Chinese athletes competing and join the 10 partner teams pledging to dance for 5 consecutive hours, accumulating funds for every drop of sweat on the dance floor. Pledge support and inquiries welcome the night of the event or prior by email: 50 RMB, 9 PM – 3 AM

Friday, March 20th
DeepSpaceMafia @ White Rabbit Club

Hypnotic and transcendent electronica with smooth dubby qualities selected by Donald Summer and Mr. Soon. Calling all space cadets to the dance floor! 50 RMB after 1 AM, doors open @ 11PM

Saturday, March 21st
Acupuncture Records presents DJ Sodeyama (NO:MORE REC; ARCHIPEL)

One of the most sought-after Japanese DJs Producer of ground breaking albums “Metal Heart” (u-ropa), “DUAL” (KASUGA RECORDINGS) and EPs "ANTE39", "ANTE40" and "M.HE.P" (ZENIT) Owner of label『NO:MORE REC』 Mastermind behind『IN:FLAME』party series His next EP will be released from grand label ARCHIPEL. 日本最受推崇的DJ之一 经典专辑“Metal Heart” (u-ropa), “DUAL” (KASUGA RECORDINGS)和多张EP "ANTE39", "ANTE40","M.HE.P" (ZENIT)的制作人 『NO:MORE REC』创建者 『IN:FLAME』系列派对的幕后首脑 他的下一张EP将在重量级厂牌ARCHIPEL发行。
70 RMB, Doors open @ 10pm

Thursday, March 26th

DJs Assasin Eyes, Stinkeye, and the Other One share their prized possessions made of DIY post punk rock gems. 2-for-1 mixed drinks til midnight. Free Entry, 9:30 pm – 3 am

Friday, March 27th
BaiCai vs Syndicate w/special guest DJ PINCH (UK)

Mixing the underground sounds of the capital, this month presents a landmark event featuring Beijing dubstep herald, Mael, in his final blast off bon voyage set alongside headlining guest, DJ Pinch, the Godfather of Bristol's heavy scene and founder of the mighty label TECTONIC (Planet Mu/UK). Responsible for the highly praised album, "Underwater Dancehall", Pinch is one of the key players in the cross-pollination between dubstep and techno.All-star DJ supporting line-up with BaiCai & Syndicate plus a special appearance by On the Wire host (BBC) Steve Barker.
70 RMB, doors open @ 10 PM

Saturday, March 28th

YEN WHITE continues at White Rabbit as long you do. Don’t stop til you get enough.
50 RMB (or free with Yen ticket), 4 am til late

Friday, January 30, 2009


Thursday, February 5th

DJ Haimitu aka J. Swarz and Cedrick de Luxe + special guest spin retro new wave classics with the latest electro. 2 for 1 drink specials til 12 AM.
Free Entry
10 PM – 3 AM

Friday, February 6th
Yang Bing & Mr. Soon's
Underground Disco Project

This mirror-ball venture consists of two resident DJs @ White Rabbit Club:
House music veteran Yang Bing lays out 13 years of skill on the decks alongside Mr. Soon, the DJ to watch out for this year. Enjoy the first installment of this continuously developing project.
Doors open @ 11PM
50RMB cover after 1 AM

Saturday, February 7th
Acupuncture Records 牛 Year Party

Catch Acupuncture’s first act in the Year of the Ox with premiere DJs Weng Weng, X.L.F., Elvis. T, Pancake Lee and Terry Tu’s newly released tracks. Get ready to go full speed ahead with Beijing’s homegrown electronic indie label in the niu year.
Door open @ 10 PM
50 RMB entry

Thursday, February 12th
The Original Indie Night

Guitar strung punk electro disco rock that will open your ears, courtesy of Tag Team Records DJs Assassin Eyes, Stinkeye, and The Other One. 2 for 1 drink specials til 12 AM.
Free Entry
9:30 PM – 3 AM

Friday, February 13th
BaiCai vs The Syndicate, Round XIV

The endless battle for control of the dance floor continues! Rage between 2 floors with local DJ crews booming DnB/dubstep in one room and minimal/tech-house blasting in the other. Only the strong will survive.
50 RMB Entry
11 PM – 6 AM

Saturday, February 14th
BLOODY MARY (Sender Records, Contexterrior Berlin)

White Rabbit lovers get a special valentine made from the sweet sounds of Berlin’s hottest techno DJ yet to arrive in Beijing. DJ Bloody Mary (originally from the South of France) has been putting party people in the mood across continents since ’05. Find love on the dance floor when she plays cupid on the decks. Ultra sexy support by DJ Patrick Yu (Blink Events).
80 RMB Entry
Doors open 11 pm – 6 AM

Thursday, February 19th

DJ Haimitu aka J. Swarz and Cedrick de Luxe return with special guest to spin retro new wave classics and the latest electro tracks. 2 for 1 drink specials til 12 AM.
Free entry
10 pm – 3 am

Friday, February 20th
White Rabbit Club Night

Enjoy premium techno beats, rich and spiritual house, and other mindblowing, genre-defying selections by White Rabbit house residents and special guest.
Doors open @ 11 PM
50 RMB after 1 AM

Saturday, February 21st

30 top local DJs & VJs unite for an epic celebration of Beijing’s finest quality underground dance music. A full-spectrum showcase of the local electronica scene with an artist line-up that includes members from Acupuncture Records, BaiCai, Blink Events, Deep Space Mafia, Musicology, S.O.S., The Syndicate, Yellow, Yen.
70 RMB (40 RMB before midnight)
10 pm – 8 am

Thursday, February 26th
The Original Indie Night

Swooning Beijing’s indie crowd since 2005, Tag Team Records returns with DJs Assassin Eyes, Stinkeye, and the Other One playing post-punk-funky-folk-rock. 2 for 1 drinks til midnight.
Free entry
9:30 pm – 3 am

Friday, February 27th
J. Swarz & Ou Yang

Combining the perfect match of techno, electro, and tech-house with ancient technology, J. Swarz (Musicology) and Ou Yang get together to spawn cosmic forces of rhythm on the dance floor.
50 RMB
11pm til late

Saturday, February 28th

Where would Beijing's nightlife scene be without Mickey Zhang & Dio? Long live these two leaders of local rave culture! Celebrate with them at Morse, their local monthly club party for fun and more.
Doors open @ 10 PM
50 RMB Entry

Saturday, January 3, 2009

J A N U A R Y 2 0 0 9 C A L E N D A R

^ ^ Peace and Love for a Happy New Year ^ ^

Thursday, January 1st

YEN AFTER: J. Swarz & Shen Yue spin time-old classics mixed with fresh beats, hailing a new epoch of dance music culture in Beijing. Free with YEN COUNTDOWN ticket, 50RMB otherwise. 4 AM til breakfast

Friday, January 2nd

White Rabbit Club Night: Uplifting and refreshing house music by the one and only, Mr. Soon. 50 RMB. 11 pm til late.

Saturday, January 3rd

2 + 3: DJs Eddie Lv (二) and Ou Yang(三)make up the formula for non-stop techno that defies all logic.50 RMB after 1 AM. 11 pm – late

Thursday, January 8th

Tag Team Records' Indie Night: DJ Assassin Eyes, Stinkeye & The Other One crank out edgy folk rock, electro-disco, and punkrock soul. 2 for 1 drinks til 12am, free entry all night long. 9:30 pm til late.

Friday, January 9th

White Rabbit Resident Night: Get set for masterpiece mixes as Ben Huang (上海) joins White Rabbit big daddy, Yang Bing, for a full-on spree of tech-house and techno. Free before 1 AM, 50 RMB otherwise. 11 PM – 6 AM

Saturday, January 10th

MORSE: In this month's installment, Mickey Zhang & Dio redefine the sound of Beijing with their original techno tracks and rare selections. 50 RMB. 11 PM – 6 AM

Thursday, January 15th

UBERWAVE: Start the weekend early with DJs Haimitu & Cedric De Luxe, serving up the latest electro and timeless new wave retro classics. 2 for 1 drinks til 12am. Free entry all night. 9:30 pm til late.

Friday, January 16th

The Shanghai Connection: House resident DJ Donald Summer welcomes special guest Tootekool (from Shanghai via Frankfurt) for a soundscape collage made of minimal basslines, deep house, and electro. 50 RMB. 11 pm – 6 AM

Saturday, January 17th

BaiCai vs Syndicate "Lucky 13 Round": With dnb in one room and house in the other, everyone’s guranteed to get lucky at this event. Line-up TBA. 50 RMB (50% discount with BaiCai Family Card). 10 pm – 6 am

Thursday, January 22nd

UBERWAVE: Get buzzed off the high frequency output of eclectic selections by DJs Haimitu & Cedric DeLuxe. 2 for 1 drinks til 12am. Free entry all night. 9:30 pm til late.

Friday, January 23rd

White Rabbit Presents Flo Eysler & Eddie Lv: It’s a night where anything can happen -- progressive house melodies mixed up with pulsating techno-sharp beats. Free before 1 AM, 50 RMB after. 11 pm til late

Saturday, January 24th

White Rabbit Club Night: Expect music that will rock you like an electronic hurricane, courtesy of Ou Yang & Mr. Soon. 50 RMB. 11 pm til late.

Thursday, January 29th

Tag Team Records' Indie Night: The countdown for DJ Empty Floor's return keeps ticking with rockabilly, electronic doo-wop, guitar-strung noise, et al. If you want it, DJ Assasin Eyes, Stinkeye, and The Other One will definitely have it. 2 for 1 drinks til 12 am. Free entry. 9:30 pm til late.

Friday, January 30th

White Rabbit presents Mikey Dee & Eddie Lv: Mickey Dee pulls out a treasure chest of UK Garage classics, followed by Eddie Lv’s full-energy techno stylings. Free before 1 AM, 50 RMB after. 11 pm til late

Saturday, January 31st

White Rabbit Club Night: J. Swarz and Shen Yue play house music the way it was originally intended. Just without the warehouse. 50 RMB. 11pm - late.