Sunday, October 26, 2008


Saturday, November 1st
“6 Impossible Things To Believe Before Breakfast”

The Wonderland fairytale comes to life in the form of a mad electronic music adventure. Fall down the rabbit hole for an unbelievable journey led by 6 extraordinary DJs: Usami (breaks/electro), Patrick Yu (house), Mael (dubstep), Yang Bing (tech-house), Donald Summer (minimal tech house), and Mr. Soon (deep house).

“Drink Me” open bar special all night long, plus special treats if dressed in costume.

10 pm til late

Friday, November 7th
Jeff Samuel (Seattle – Berlin – Beijing)

Jeff Samuel has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of electronic music and producing unprecedented rhythms. Previously he divided his time creating sound effects for video games and making music. Now he is a full-time sonic explorer transforming crackles and bleeps into something primal.

labels: Contexterrior, Poker Flat, Trapez, Morris / Audio

70 RMB
11 PM – 7 AM

Saturday, November 8th
Intermix China Tour

"Intermix" is one of the most important electronic music parties in Asia.
The concept of "intermix" is to create a music community and promote communications in culture and Art among Asian countries. Since 2004, Intermix has been an annual Asia electronic dance tour and have touched downed many top Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei and Guangzhou. It’s a platform for the best Japanese DJs to communicate with top local talents all over Asia. Intermix’ focused music style is techno.
This year, China’s independent electronic label Acupuncture Records, will bring Intermix’ biggest Asia tour ’08 ‘Beyond The IM’ to Beijing for the first time. On November 8th at White Rabbit, Beijing’s techno lovers will enjoy a sonic banquet featuring Shin Nishimura, Lyoma, Imai Fukutaro, 3 of Japan’s top DJs, and Acupuncture’s very own DJ ELVIS.T.

70 RMB, contact
10 pm til late

Friday, November 14th

Journey through the city by sound and travel between 4 dance floors of high altitude music. Check-in at Terminal 2 with Mickey Zhang, Yang Bing, and Ou Yang in the Techno Room. Or prepare for take off with Blackie, Damon & Mael, and Slyde in the Urban Room.

ADV 60 RMB, 100 RMB Entry (incl. 1 jagermeister tube, 2 venue access --- White Rabbit + Block 8)
12 – 7 AM

Saturday, November 15th
Gebr. Teichmann & S.M.A.L.L.

The DJ-Brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann, originally from Regensburg/ Germany, founded their own record label Festplatten in addition to releasing tracks on such internationally acclaimed labels as Kompakt and Lage dor. They instantly found themselves DJs in-demand and began touring Germany and Europe extensively. Relentless musical experimentation led to collaboration projects with the composer/zither player Leopold Hurt in 2001. The following year the Teichmann brothers were awarded with the Regensberg culture prize of the year for their long lasting contributions to youth culture and activities in the city. In the same year they joined up with fellow musicians and performing artists to found an art association called Graz e.V, which created not only an inspiring work space but also an independent room for regular exhibitions, symposiums, concerts and other cultural events. The brothers now live and work in Berlin.

The retro-futurist sound of Teichmann is a wavy ride through the deeper regions of electro layered with nasty grooves that are so subtle they’re slightly naughty. From jazz to punk to hip hop to techno their experimentation across the musical spectrum has allowed them to produce infinite connections between styles and genres. The result is maximal stimulation for sensitive ears that appreciate the finer sounds in life. Enjoy a rare opportunity to experience Teichmann’s live set when the brothers make their first visit to Beijing on Saturday, November 15th.


10 PM til late

Friday, November 21st
Gianni Vitiello

Gianni Vitiello is a highly respected DJ in the Berlin underground techno scene. Admired for his ability to bring a club’s atmosphere to a boil, his explosive sets are full of audio fireworks. His talent lies in progressively rocking beats or "smart four to the floor", as Gianni himself puts it. And that's what it is all about – Gianni Vitiello combines intelligent dance music, organic deep tracks and killer beats with his high energy performance. Forget about the inaccessible technocrat, it's never been Gianni´s style!
By combining his skills as a DJ and a live performer, Gianni keeps up the excitement for hours on end. His favorite finished vinyls come either from the UK or Germany; his proper tracks give birth to groovy, warm sounds. After producing "Elastic Tunes EP" ( Forum Rec.) and„”Freunde EP” (aromamusic), he received praise from EDM reviewers across Europe. Recognized as a global player – no matter if playing together with Laurent Garnier or Timo Maas, or at one of the legendary wild nights at Moscow’s “Gorod” club – Gianni Vitiello is sure to work Beijing’s most discriminate club goers into a frenzy with his unforgettable and unique sound.
Gianni Vitiello一个让你在城市的俱乐部中疯狂的人!在两个小时内Gianni用他的独特艺术风格在俱乐部中渐渐将你变得疯狂,他的秘密是巧妙的运用多变的、让人摇摆的节奏,慢慢刺激你的神经!他将dance music和deep track相结合,加上他狂热的舞台表演,他的演出令人难以忘记!
Gianni Vitiello熟练的技术和他对DJ的热爱使他可以保持十几个小时在疯狂之中!他非常喜欢将英国和德国的音乐完美的结合在一起,加上那些磁性的声音使他成为了一位全球性的表演者。他曾和Laurent Garnier在南美的体育场中演出,和Timo Maas一起在俄国莫斯科的广场上演出,所到之处令人难忘。

70 RMB

Saturday, November 22nd
James Pants Live Set & Happy Ending!

Get down with the one-of-a-kind-wunderkind, James Pants -- a hybrid funk master DJ and MC hailing from Spokane, Washington. Find more on the man at

70 RMB
10 PM - 3 AM

After getting James Pants down, Patrick Yu (Blink Events) and Gao Hu (Acupuncture Records) give you joyful house vibrations that’ll put a smile on your booty while it shakes. Guaranteed to satisfy.

50 RMB after 3 AM
Doors open til 7 AM

Friday, November 28th
White Rabbit Club Night

White Rabbit presents Ni Bing and special guest Nao Shimada spinning acid techno hot enough to burn a hole through the dancefloor.
50 RMB after 1 AM
10 pm – 4 am

YEN BLACK goes underground after-hours at White Rabbit. Ouyang and surprise guest will whip out those crazy techno beats for hardcore party freaks.
4 - 8 AM

Saturday, November 29th
BaiCai vs. The Syndicate XI

The battle for control of the dance floor continues. Drum n bass heavy hitters from The Syndicate take on BaiCai’s tech-house wild hooks in the fight for your right to party.
50 RMB
11 PM til finish