Friday, August 29, 2008


Fri: 5 of Sep. WR Resident DJ night: DJs Will & Yang Bing. Door fee: 50rmb. 10pm to 7am
Sat: 6 of Sep. WR and Blink present Techno Artist: Pier Bucci(Live)DJ´s Huang Wei Wei and Patrick Yu. Door fee: 70rmb. 10pm to 7am

Fri: 12 of Sep. WR present Morse party. DJs Dio & Mickey Zhang. Door fee: 50rmb. 10pm to 7am
Sat: 13 of Sep. WR presents Baicai & Syndicate party.
The 2 most respected underground Promoters are back in the Jing with the influence of their Euro-trip in the bag.
The freshest cuts of Berlin/Paris/London...all night long
Purple Room BaiCai: house/techno
White Room Syndicate: Drum'n Bass
10 - till late.
Sun: 14 of Sep. WR presents Chinese Full Moon Festival Party. DJ´s Ouyang and Ben Huang. Door fee:50rmb. 10pm to 7am

Fri:19 of Sep. WR Resident DJ night: DJs Yang Bing and guest. Door fee: 50rmb. 10pm to 7am
Sat:20 of Sep. WHITE RABBIT ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY. 20 local DJs to celebrate this amazing night. Both floors are open. Door fee: 50rmb. 9pm to late.

Fri: 26 of Sep. WR presents Syndicate's third Dubstep party. 10pm to 7am. door fee: 70rmb
Sat: 27 of Sep. WR presents Happy Endings Party. DJ Patrick Yu with guest DJ J.Swarz. Door fee: 50rmb. 10pm to 7am

Every Thursday It´s Queeressence Party with Dj Donald Summer and Mr. Soon aka Deep Space Mafia. 10pm to 3am

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